About Me

Hello foodies!

My name's Surabhi Guruprasad and I'm currently studying my Master's in Earth & Space Engineering in Toronto, Canada. I moved here in 2012 from Pune, India and since then have been completely independent which is great you know but along with it comes all the undesired responsibilities. The same old household chores, cooking, cleaning the dishes,  laundry and cooking some more. These things are quite boring. Period.

Within a few months, I didn't want to clean the dishes, so I stopped cooking, started buying food more often. This habit was not only unhealthy but was also drilling a hole in my pocket. It may sound silly but a lot of school work can be done in the time you spend in the kitchen.

After this self-realization I took up a challenge, to cook food for myself everyday and reinvent the daily recipes which would normally take more time and effort. So I here I am sharing it with you all fellow students or anyone really who wants to know quick tricks to delicious and mouth watering meals!!

So hop on, show some love :) I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for wanting to know about me. Ciao!