Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blueberry Flavored Cereal with Fresh Cut Strawberries

     This being my first post, I have decided to start with something really very simple. Everybody's favourite CEREAL! Let me be clear, I am not actually making cereal here. Just putting it right of the box into a bowl, pouring some milk over this and adding a few fancy touches. Voila! Breakfast is ready.

    I have to be honest here, I was never a cereal-for-breakfast person. Growing up in India, one knows that the heaviest and  the greasiest meal will always be the breakfast. Ever since I moved to Canada, yes that's where I study now, I have adapted to the quick western food habits. However, every  now and then I do long for the hot steaming food coming right out of mom's kitchen. That's when I put on my chef's hat and get down to some serious business. Well, those stories are posts for another day!

   Anyway, these days, I use this cereal: Kellogs Special Blueberry Flavour. This is sweetened so that kind of makes it a dessert-for-breakfast but it sure tastes pleasant. I buy a new kind of cereal every time I hit the supermarket, sure does keep breakfast interesting.
Tip: Check out if you have 'Food Bank' at your university/college. That's where they let you pick up limited grocery items (for free). That's where I get my cereal from. Not bad eh?

    Also, I try to pick up cereal that's not sweetened. Too much sugar not good for ya. So once you have the beautiful crisp cereal in your bowl its time to add the milk. The amount of milk and its temperature have always been controversial to me. The rule is, well, there is no rule. Feel free to add how much ever milk you feel like pouring into that bowl just make sure it doesn't overflow now. Also I like to add my milk cold straight from the fridge. I used to initially warm it up which made my flakes really soggy. One day I got lazy and didnt heat it up to find my cereal remained intact longer and hence tasted better. Well all this is your call.

   Moving on to the toppings, an ordinary one would be sugar. Only if your cereal is not frosted or sweetened. Another substitute would be to drizzle honey. The best topping would be an array of fruits! Some fruits that would go with cereal+milk would be strawberries, blueberries, apples, bananas, pears, basically anything non-citrusy! 

   I recently bought fresh strawberries so that's what I'm adding to my bowl. I wasn't really sure if these two berries went together. I tried it anyway and it tasted refreshing! Thumbs up for this combination. 

Tip: Never freeze leftover strawberries (or any berries/fruit) unless you plan to make a smoothie. It completely destroys their texture. I did it once with 2 kgs of fresh strawberries and when I unfroze them they were so mushy. Unpleasant. 

    OK, I never thought I could come up with so many things to write for a cereal breakfast. Yay I'm done with the first blog post! Now time to get back to my breakfast before the flakes go soggy.