Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Scrambled Eggs with Pasta Sauce, Croutons and Green Pepper

This is so not the traditional scrambled eggs that you would make for breakfast. I had some leftover canned pasta sauce (from the spaghetti recipe) that I used up with eggs. I also quickly chopped up just enough of green pepper.

So beat up two eggs in a bowl, add the pasta sauce, green pepper, salt and pepper. Mix it up real well and pour it onto a hot oil in a saucepan. Keep stirring until the eggs are cooked. I like the eggs well cooked so I even cover the saucepan with a lid to cook it through and through. After a few mintues, if you want to add a little crisp and crunch to the dish, add in some croutons and there! you are done! Empty it into a bowl and enjoy your hot breakfast with a cool glass of orange juice.

This is how it will look once cooked!